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Working Parent & IVF: Maintaining Balance

It’s been a few days since I posted here. While I am still waiting for CD1, I also have been a bit tied down with work. A topic I have yet to discuss here on IVF Bestie is working full-time while also being a mother going through IVF.

My first, and most important job, is being a mother to my son. And, my second job is focused in software development project management (I could probably create an entire page on my job alone, but that’s not the true focus here).

As any working parent knows… balancing your job and parenting is no easy task. There is so much guilt, sadness, and frustration that overcomes you on a daily basis. Now, I want to be clear here… I am so incredibly grateful and proud to be working. My company is especially fantastic, as they support parents in every stage, which I completely appreciate. That does not mean there are no struggles, though.

Since I added IVF to the mix of my balancing act earlier this year, I can confirm that things have been significantly more difficult for me as a working parent. The appointments, the medication, the procedures, the exhaustion, the guilt, the fear, the losses, the excitement, the hope, and everything in between is a lot to manage. For anyone going through IVF, you know firsthand the emotional rollercoaster you are on all day every day.

Not to dive too deep into the “rollercoaster” analogy here, but why not? I genuinely feel like I am the owner of an amusement park at times (or perhaps I simply am one)... I have different rollercoasters to manage, people coming and going, jobs to complete to keep the park open, people to keep happy (and fed/hydrated), prizes to be “won,” areas to be cleaned, money to manage, oh and this park is open 24-7.

Wow. Feels like Disney World. To everyone else, it is so magical and amazing, but behind the scenes, there’s so much happening to keep things appearing that way.

I have a lot of sub-topics within working while on the IVF journey to explore with you all, and maintaining the balance of your “amusement park” is one of them. Every person has a different aspect to their life (whether work, parenting, taking care of a loved one, or otherwise) that needs to be managed while on the IVF journey.

Balancing all of those things is challenging, but I have learned that the first step to maintaining your balance is recognizing what throws you off of it. There’s no perfection here, just awareness. Be aware of your triggers, incorporate habits that bring you peace, and do not be afraid to ask for help.

In my next post, I will share how I bring awareness to my balance, particularly when working. But, for now, I hope you all are feeling balanced as you kick off this week. Here’s to another day on this IVF journey together.

Your IVF Bestie,


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