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Meet the IVF Bestie!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Hello there, my name is Kristin! I am the face behind the IVF Bestie blog and Instagram account. I started this blog as a way to document my journey with secondary infertility and IVF.

To be honest, at the start of my infertility and IVF journey (in May 2022), I had little-to-no intention of sharing much about what I have or will go through. I had my tight group of family and friends who, at minimum, knew my husband and I were entering the IVF world, and even they weren't fully tracking the timeline. Outside of my mom and sister-in-law, everyone else knew surface-level information, which was a choice I made to protect my mental health.

It wasn’t until I was in my two-week wait (TWW) following my first frozen embryo transfer (FET) when I realized that I have a unique story to share, and this community needs more people willing to share theirs. I remember googling my specific symptoms or questions and there being very few or zero responses that made me feel heard/seen. I had to help other IVF/Infertility patients like me who were searching for more details, more answers.... just MORE overall!

During that initial TWW, I started writing for this blog. When the first transfer ended in a chemical pregnancy, I sat on the blog. I wasn't sure if opening myself up in this way was the right move. Instead, I just kept writing in case I ever decided to go through with it.

Fast forward to my second FET and the TWW. I was, or I should say, I am (at the time of writing this), here again. At a crossroads. And I decided to go the other way this time.

So, I have arrived at my next destination as your new, self-appointed, IVF Bestie. I am ready to share the ebbs and flows of infertility and going through IVF with all of you, and I cannot thank you enough for stopping by.

Please know that there will be times when I may need to "unplug" as this journey is not easy. I will always let you know if/when that happens, of course. Thank you for understanding. I truly hope you find a sense of community and support here at IVF Bestie.

Sending so much love & light your way.

Your IVF Bestie,


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