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Choosing Your Fertility Clinic

So you are a part of the infertility club and you are considering in vitro fertilization (IVF)... Welcome bestie!

I have always been fascinated with IVF and how much it has changed over the years. I understood the concept behind it, but the intricate details were unknown to me. I know of many amazing parents who have joined the IVF community, so I knew I was in great company once my husband and I joined in ourselves.

Let’s start off with taking one of the first steps in exploring IVF. For me, outside of learning the basics of what the process entailed, the first step was confirming what fertility clinic was best for me. My biggest piece of advice for this step is to ask around and research. Seems simple enough, right? You'd be surprised how in times of uncertainty and stress, it can be easy to forget these steps. Had I not reach out to other fellow parents on this journey, I never would have discovered my amazing clinic.

If you do not know of anyone going through IVF personally, I highly recommend joining groups/forums online and “research” their raw opinions. Any clinic will post positive reviews to their websites, but if you dig a little deeper in groups or Reddit forums for example, you will find the truth haha. I did a combination of asking my friends and scouring forums for details about clinics I was considering.

When looking for details about a prospective clinic, look at their success rates, read the staff bios (and look up the doctors separately), determine what financial details need to be considered, and, of course, visit the clinic. When you visit, ask yourself if you feel welcomed, safe, and comfortable. If not, move on to the next clinic. I can confidently say when I had my first visit with my clinic, I knew I made the right choice.

Every clinic is unique in it’s own way, but the IVF process generally remains the same. Each doctor may favor a specific type of protocol or supplement stack, but ultimately the patient and their history will dictate that. Do your research, ask around, and trust your gut. If you want a second opinion, get one!

I hope you find the best clinic for you as you being (or continue) your journey with IVF. Feel free to reach out to me with further questions on this topic or about my clinic specifically.

Good Luck!

Your IVF Bestie,


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